Confession no. 76...

On Thursday nights, when my roomates are all at the bar...I am actually really scared to be alone...


please please please

I know most of the people who read this blog don't live anywhere near me, but I really need someone to come see this with me!!! I am going to go even if I have to go by myself...but I am not a creature of solitude, so I would like some company. Even if you don't LOVE Star Wars, I think you would enjoy this.

It is Oct 4th, and the tickets go on Sale Aug 1st, so I will be getting them that day at 12:01 to ensure that I don't miss out.

Who wants to come alot...it's only $30.00...and that is not a lot for a night as memorable as this will be.


Words can't describe...

....how mad I am right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, I can't go into detail because I have a secret fear that people I get mad at have a little hidden microphone or camera or way reading my blog/emails and they will find out all of the horrible stuff I say/think about them. Most of the time I avoid confrontation...unless I have had a while to carefully practice what I am going to say and how I will respond to each and every possible reaction....or...if the sitation effects (affects? Jake, which one is it?) more than just me.

Instead...I choose to be passive/agresssive about it (and write a blog), and I'll do little things to them that aren't outright mean...but leaves them saying "Hmmm...I think she must be mad at me"...

It's so very mature I know...

Don't judge...


I need to know...

I was talking to a guy at my office (not the same one reffered to in a previous post) and I mentioned to him that I had just finished paying off my student loan and he said "Wait...you have a degree?" and I said "Yes" and he says "A B.S.?" and I said "Yes" and he says "Then what they heck are you doing working this job? You need to get a real job."

Am I a pathetic loser because I don't have a real job? I like my job. I like the people I work with, I like what I do. Ya, I'm not making bank, but I'm doing fine.

Am I a pathetic loser becuase my job isn't in my major? Am I a pathetic loser because I spent 20 years on violin lessons, and didn't major in music?

What is a real job anyway. I get paid. I come to work every day. I have responsibilities. People depend on me for things. Someones day would be a little worse if I wasn't around.

I think...


official decree...

I am officially announcing that I am going to vacation in Hawaii. I know it is going to cost some money...but that is my goal.

This is my open invitation that anyone who want to come with me is more than welcome.

Lets start saving and do this....

Or do these... (um...yes please!)


An appropriate title just isn't coming to mind...

My attention span is ZERO today...hence the new blog...

Shortly after we moved in Jillian and her mom (I think) planted 6 plants in our front bed. After a few weeks they grew and hence became extrememly weedy. We figured we needed to get some mulch to keep the weeds down and hopefully help with keeping them a little wet. (But in 115 degrees it's impossible to keep any moisture at all in the ground)

So, Jillians parents bought us a few bags of mulch, and I deemed it my responsibiltiy to weed and mulch the bed.

Tuesday after work I put on my nasty jeans and an old t-shirt and I weeded our little garden in probaby 110 degree weather! Most of our weeds had thorns on them, so my hands are filled with little baby microscopic thorns. The mulch reaked of ...I don't know... something fiercely nasty and the ground had lots of nails in it and really sharp rocks. But let me tell you ... I loved every single minute of it!

Here is the finished product. Of course we are going to get a few more bags of mulch to finish it up, but it looks a heck of a lot better than it did! And for those of you who know...don't judge me that it doesn't look very good. I didn't have Orville to help with the leveling of the mulch!!

(I did say there were 6 plants, and there are, just not in this picture. Also, the bed is alot bigger than it seems, there is probably 4 feet inbetween each plant.)


I had almost forgotten...

a: to behave amorously without serious intent
b: to show superficial or casual interest or liking

I flirted with a boy today. And it was some good quality flirting. Laughing, teasing, eye contact... And, to make it even better, amidst the flirting was some serious conversation. Not serious like discussing euthanasia or the state of the economy, but just some good 'getting to know you' conversation.

And I can't stop smiling...
(pathetic really)


I got a dollar, I got a dollar, I got a dollar hey hey hey hey... (times 5)

When I first moved to Arizona I bought a really big reusable Target bag that folds up and snaps into a nice square. I hadn't used it in a really long time because it is pretty big and I didn't have it with all my other reusable bags.
Well, this Saturday I grabbed it when me, Jillian and Whitney were going to the Walmart. In the checkout aisle we were almost done bagging the groceries but I decided to open up that Target bag to put the last few things in it and what do I find at the bottom...
I bet you can't guess...


One down...too many more to go...

Well...after 1,856 days of being a non-student...I have finally paid back my student loan.

And, I only borrowed money for one semester of school. I can't imagine having to pay back 4 or more years of student loans.


Now, if I can just get my car and my two credit cards paid off...

(that deserves a really big YIKES!!)


Just GOOGLE it...

I am a little short on blogging topics lately...and while I was blog stalking some people that don't even know me I came across this fun little thing to do...so here it goes. I suggest that those of you who find yourself without an update blog might follow suit just so we know you are still alive (Jessica, Lisa, Rodney and perhaps Sage.)

Instructions: Google (I love that that word is a noun and a verb) the phrase (including the quotes) "[your first name] needs" and write down the first 10 results.

1. Katy needs to put her ego in check.

2. Katy needs check ups less frequently.

3. Katy needs volunteers to teach junior achievement.

4. Katy needs adjustments.

5. Katy needs rescue to get out alive.

6. Katy needs to loose 100 lbs.

7. Katy needs to understand that her outlook could negatively affect the performance of her department.

8. Katy needs a life.

9. Katy needs work.

10. Katy needs help.

Haha...those are spot on...for the most part...


Saturday...in the park...I think it was the 4th of July...

Ok...so I've been the worlds worst blogger lately...and I am sorry about that. But I thought I'd share with everyone what a fabulous 4th of July weekend I had.

Firstly, Tacy and Rodney came down and spent the weekend with me. Tacy came down on Wednesday and Rodney had a family reunion in Flagstaff earlier in the week, so he came down to Phoenix after his reunion on Thursday.

We didn't do a whole lot of anything special... but we had alot of fun. On Wednesday night me and Tacy made red white and blue popcorn and I made little gift bags for all the people I work with. We spent most of our time in the pool, and therefore we look like lobsters because we failed at re-applying our sunscreen. On the 4th of July we had a BBQ with my roomates and some friends. Whitney's family came over, and a couple of her friends. Jillian had a friend in town and we invited a girl that works at Lane Bryant. So we had a lot of fun. Whitney's dad cooked burgers and hot dogs and we had salads, chips, cookies and so much more food. Our fridge is spilling.

So, I can't find my camera so I didn't get any pictures, but Tacy took some. None that were actually on the 4th of July, but you'll get the point.

(This is at Golden Spoon, our favorite frozen yogurt place!)

(You can't really tell, but I tied a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue...I know...it's a talent)