A week of 'me' time...

So I've taken the past week off work...and in the mean time I have been able to get a few minor projects done that I have been wanting to do for a while.  Nothing crazy...  I promised my mom I'd get pictures up and I am actually doing that withing hours (not days) of making that promise! 

I am still trying to master my camera...so beg pardon on the pictures...they are poor.

On our counter we have had these blue canisters that hold the sugar, flour and other stuff.  Well I've been wanting to 'update' that a little...so I took a bunch of glass containers that I had from other things, filled them with those things...and used my newly found love of etching glass to etch the jar with the whatever was in it.  This was really hard to get a picture of...but I think it turned out super cute.  It makes me want to make cookies!  (Maybe a bad thing!)

One of my favorite wedding gifts was a set of melamine mixing bowls.  But sadly my biggest one broke a few months back and I just couldn't part with the bowl.  So the other day I finally got around to buying some permanent botanicals and a styrofoam block and make a little thing:  (again...super hard for me to get a good picture for some reason!)

This picture is only nice if you've been in my house, but we re-arranged our front room and got a new entertainment center, TV and surround sound system.  It's actually a 3D TV and we are loving it! (You can see my green bowl of flowers in the room...)

And last but not least I made a craft room in my closet.  It is SO NICE to not have to drag everything out to the kitchen table every time I want to make something!  The only downside is there are no close plug in's.  So to use my Cricut or my embossing tool or laptop I have to do that in the kitchen.  Oh well...I still like my little cubby.

So tomorrow my time off ends.  I am not sure I am ready to be back at work, but I will go none the less.  Hopefully with my new crafting area I will find more time to get a project or two in more often!


Exactly what I needed...

I was crafting in my closet a little bit ago and Bryan comes walking in and here's how our conversation went:

Bryan:  "Katy, I love you."
Me:  "Ok, what's wrong"
B: "Nothing, I just wanted to say I love you."
K:  "Ok, why."
B: "No reason, I just love you"
K:  "Ok, what do you need."
B: "Nothing! I just love you!  Can I have a hug?"
K:  "Well I love you too Bryan."

We hugged and he left the closet and went back to his homework.

He's sort of a great kid to have around!  Now if he will just stay this cute through the real teenage years!


For your consideration...

*Why is it that when I have plenty of time in the morning and end up leaving my house EARLY to get to work I am almost always late.  But if I barely have time to brush my hair and grab my purse I can get there on time if not early. 

*Why does it seem that you only get a good deal with a company or product if you are a 'new' customer.  Like cell phones...super great deals and promotions if you sign a new contract or are a new customer...but you get squat for being a loyal long time customer.  Why not say "hey...you've been with us for 10+ years...here's a free smart phone or here's 6 months of your bill at 25% off" or something.  That would be nice. 

*Why is it that when I have a day off and I am home and do all the dishes and laundry and vacuuming and sweeping and moping and dusting and organizing no one cares in the slightest.  But if one of the kids happens to do more than 2 chores in a day it requires having my undivided attention while they point out every little detail of what they did.

*Sometimes it really irritates me that the yummiest things in life are the worst for you.  Why is it that way?  I healthy things can taste good...but something worse for you ALWAYS tastes yummier!  A steak cooked in butter always tastes better than when it's not cooked in butter.  Regular dressing is so much better than fat free.  Cookies are yummier than carrots.  Chips taste better than rice cakes.


These are...



Happy Holidays...

Well...the Holidays are just about over and I have failed to report anything we've done...

(I apologize for the lack of pictures in this blog.  I have been using Bryans camera and it uses a card that has to have a special adapter to put into a computer...and no one can find that adapter.  So I have no way of accessing them right now.)

Our Christmas actually started on December 17th.  We had Daron's family Christmas early cause Melissa and her family were going out of town for actual Christmas.  It was our family, Brittany and Ryan, Melissa's family, Judy and Dwight.  It was nice!  We had a prime rib dinner and then opened presents.  

The next weekend was actual Christmas!  We had Grandma Judy over on Saturday for dinner, as well as the missionaries. The Christmas Eve Elf visited our house on Saturday night and brought new pillows, pajama pants and treats to eat while we watched It's a Wonderful Life. I had never seen it before, and neither had the kids.   We had a good time!

Then of course was Christmas Day!  It was a good day for everyone!  Bryan got a popcorn maker, a gun, a bunch of shirts, a new video game, a couple books and quite a bit more.  Hannah got a zebra print set of drawers, a zebra decal for her wall, a bunch of clothes and lots of other stuff.  I got a SEWING MACHINE!! A nice camera (which I used to take the pictures that I did put up on this post) some really nice perfume, some cook books, gift cards and lots more. Daron got a telescope, quite a few tools, some cologne, a gift card to Massage Envy and a nice Cardinals grilling set!  No one was left wanting that morning!  We had a yummy breakfast, went to church and just relaxed and hung out for the next 3 days!  

I went back to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but then it was New Years Eve so now I have Monday and Tuesday off again!  I don't know how I'm supposed to go back to working 4 - 10 hour days again!  

We've had so much fun this past week...we've played a lot of Wii Jeopardy that Grandma Judy got us for Christmas.  We've watched movies and just relaxed.  So nice!

Here is just a little photographic sampling from our Holiday...