Smile for the Camera...

It has been a good while since I've put any actual photographs on my blog...so here we go...

This is Me, Tacy, Jessie and Sophie with our ice cream cones (right after a delicious meal at La Casa Salsa) Everyone was amazed at how slowly I eat ice cream...so we documented it. (The tallest one is mine...of course)

I decided to take a picture of Alices bedroom. Yikes. The thing that is amazing is that this is a really big room. You could fit two people and their stuff in here very comfortably. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Me and Ashlie came home one day and this is how Alice had parked her van. Our poor Oleanders. She had pulled in at an angle too. I'm glad we didn't see her pulling in from our window because I probably would of peed my pants.

We celebrated the birth of Stacie. January 20th.

This is the group that I hang out with. Whitney and I in front. Jillian, Ashlie and Stacie in back.

And, this is what happened to me this morning. I'm still not sure what exactly went down, but I applied one of my eyes with my mascara and then I went to dip the wand back in the tube and I somehow managed to flick it into my toilet. The funny thing is that it didn't just drop in there, it bounced off everything in my bathroom and finally landed in the toilet. I was lucky I didn't have my work clothes on yet because it hit my shirt. The black marks on the seat and in the bowl are where the want hit the toilet, not something else disgusting. Lucikly I had another tube laying around or I would of looked pretty silly today.


Bloggers block...

The Rules:

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


If someone says 'are you OK?' you say? Farewell and Goodnight

How would you describe yourself? Katie

What do you like in a guy/girl? Love of My Life

How do you feel today? Innocent

What is your life's purpose? Through the Fire and Flames

What is your motto? Get Over It

What do your friends think of you? Hungry Like the Wolf

What do your parents think of you? Sweet Religion

What do you think about very often? Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

What is 2+2? The Thing That Should Not Be

What do you think of your best friend? Come Here Boy

What is your life story? Love Punch

What do you want to be when you grow up? Davy Jones

What do you think when you see the person you like? Christmas

What will you dance to at your wedding? Here, There and Everywhere

What will they play at your funeral? Speeding Cars

What is your hobby/interest? All or Nothing

What is your biggest fear? Becoming who you are

What is your biggest secret? The Old Apartment

What do you want right now? Lucky You

What do you think of your friends? Something Bad

You guys...this is hilarious...I didn't even try to get these to 'fit' to the questions...and look at the answer to number 2!! 6 and 7 are good too!

Happy Birthday to...

Austin Stevenson, Trampas Powell, Melva Hahl, Doris Schmid, Rachel Knisley, Ellen Degeneres, Wayne Gretzsky, Eddie Van Halen, Paul Newman...

But most importantly....



Uncharted* territory for me...

For all you political junkies out there...relish this...it is as close as I am getting to a political blog...ever...

My sister just called me a liberal wiener.

I am...beyond question...the most unpolitical person I know. I am so un-politically savvy that I am not even sure what makes a liberal a liberal. I mean...I have enough sense to read someone else's (simple) political opinion I know whether I agree or disagree with it, but I have no knowledge to form my own 'political rants'. Political debates might as well be in some lost language for me because I understand pretty much zero of what is being said. This is not because I haven't tried to learn it and to understand. I watch the news and would watch the debates and read Time and Newsweek and but I just don't get it. It's like trying to teach a tone deaf person how to sing on key...I just don't think it can be done.

There has been a lot of talk about the inauguration. Some loved it...some hated it...some were offended...some were excited...

Did I watch it? Yes. Did I understand it? Hardly. If I break it down into little sentences and think about it for a minute or two, some of it makes sense to me, but overall I just watched it so Tacy and Jake wouldn't think less of me.

What did I get out of the inauguration?

1. I felt bad for President Bush. I am ignorant enough to not even know why he is hated so much, but I can't help but feel bad for the guy.

2. I thought that guy who said the 'benediction' was a little outdated and sort of offensive...if you are going to choose to be offended that is.

3. Listening to Aretha Franklin sing the national anthem was almost as painful as looking at her hat.

And 4. The guy sitting to the left and behind Obama was really hot.

Nuff said. Don't judge me.
*Thanks Jake!


It just occured to me...

I love to read books. I sort of sound like a corny library poster when I talk about reading...but I seriously think it takes you to a whole different world. I realized this morning that I haven't read a book since the 4th Twilight book came out...and I am in need of some good reading.

So I am asking for suggestions. Preferably something not in the teen romance genre (since...if I think about it...the last 5 books I read were the Twilight books and The Host), but if the book you were going to recommend falls into that category and I absolutly must read it, then I will.
And, since I am a giving person...if there is anyone out there who is also in need of a good read, here are my recommendations:

Ella Minnow Pea, by Mark Dunn - This is an extremely quick read. It's written in letter format. It's about an island that worships the man who came up with the pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." They have a statue of the man and the phrase above him and one by one the letters fall off of the statue. The elders of the island decided that means that they should stop using those letters. And, as they characters stop using those letters, the author stops using them in the book. This is a very clever book, and like I said, it is super quick too.

The Innocent Man, by John Grisham - His first non-fiction book, and a very good one too! I couldn't stop reading this! It is about a man who is accused of murder in a small town in the 70's I think. This was a really really good book!

The Alienist, by Caleb Carr - This is sort of a pre-CSI forensic science book. I think it takes place in the late 1800's. Very good.

Return from Tomorrow, by George C. Ritchie - This is about what George Ritchie experiances when he dies for 9 minutes. Very good...it really makes you think. Also, a very quick read. This probably isnt' even 100 pages long.


It's just not fair...

I'm a little fustrated by these three things today:

1. That I have to work today when most other people are not...

2. That big fat greasy juicy hamburgers are so yummy, but can contain up to 1200 calories if you pick the right one.

3. That Taye never got the opportunity to meet me before he settled with Idina. (This bothers me on a regular basis, not just today)


We'll call it a lack of sleep...

During my lunch break at work yesterday I was watching the movie trailers for some upcoming movies that would like to see. One of them being Angels and Demons...
I've read the book so I know it's of the murder mystery genre and so I'm a little surprised when I turn up the volume on my computer to hear the preview that the music for the preview is Celine Dions God Bless America... and not just at first. The entire preview was nothing but scenes from the movie with God Bless America in the background. Which is weird since the movie doesn't even take place in Amercia. It takes place in Vatican City.
Weird...very weird.
So I exit out of the internet window...only to still hear that annoying song...and I realize that it was my itunes playing God Bless America...not the preview.
You can watch the non Celine Dion version of this trailer here.


Please explain this to me...

Ok, there is a husband and a wife. The husband is at the mall and he walks by Zales and they have a diamond ring with diamond earings that were normally $2,000 marked down to $500. The husband decides he HAS to get this for his wifes birthday that is this next week...so he runs to the bank and withdrawls the $500 dollars cash from their checking account. He goes straight back to the mall and the necklace and earrings are gone. So sad. So, he goes right back over to the back and deposits the money right back into the account. This all took place within a matter of hours.
So, a few days goes by and the wife gets online to check her account and she notices that they have about 7 0r 8 overdraft fees. She asks her husband about it and he confesses to the ruined present...but...he assured her he re-deposited the money the second he realized he wasn't going to be able to get the earrings. They look at their account more closely and notice they they didn't credit the account with the deposit until 3 or 4 days AFTER he deposited the money...so meanwhile, the checks and other things were going through and all getting overdraft fees...$38 dollars per overdraft...
I think this is completely unfair and that if the back can instantly take funds out of your checking, they should be able to instantly put it back in. Does anyone out there have a good reason as to why that can't happen?
This same thing happened to my roomate...sort of. She had been planning on buying a mac laptop and her dad sent her a check to put into her account to help her get it...she deposited the check into the account...and asked the bank employees if that money was available right now. They said it was. She even asked if it was available to use in one large sum...or if it had to be in smaller incriments. They said it was all available right now. So, we drove on over to the apple store...and...as you can guess...her card was denied due to insufficient funds.
Lame if you ask me.


The "New Years" blog...

As I've been looking through friends blogs (should I have put an apostrophe after the s on friends?) I see that many have done a 'recap' blog...
2008 wasn't a bad year...but it was a little uneventful...minus the fact that I moved across the country...
I will share with you some of my goals for the new year though...

I want to get a nice picture frame for a picture that Ashlie got me for Christmas that I LOVE!

I was going to attempt to give up soda or at least go to diet...but that is just unrealistic because I absolutly love soda. Love it. A lot.

I want to be debt free by the end of the year...with the exception of my car since I will be the big 3-0 before I get that paid off.

Going on a real date would be nice...but I'm not holding my breath...

I am going to leave a $100 bill and not ask for change sometime at a restaraunt.

If you know me you know that I love to make lists...If you know me well...you know I love to put things on my lists that I have already done so that I feel productive. So here we go...

I would like to pay off my Chase card... (check!)


Excuse me...

I was on my way to work today when an advertisment came on the radio that went something like this:

Man: I never thought my marriage could get so cold so fast.
Woman: I love my husband, but he has become more of a best friend than a lover.
Different Woman: Things we good between me and my husband at first, but now there is just nothing there physically.
Another Man: There's just no spark anymore.

Announcer (in a sultry voice): Do you find yourself thinking the same things as these husband and wives do? Don't worry, you aren't the only one. Now...you can find exaclty who you have been looking for at blahblahblahblahblah.com
(note: that is not the real website, I just can't remember what the real one is)
blahblahblahblahblah.com...where thousands of husband or wives have found who has been missing in thier lives...blahblahblahblahblah.com...come find that person who puts the spark back in your life.

Am I missing something...or was that blatantly advertising adultery?
At first I thought that maybe it was going to offer some sort of counseling for couples who have 'lost the love'...but you could tell by the way the announcer was going on that it was no therapist...