The Latest Happenings...

Sometimes I don't see the point in updating my blog cause I put pictures on Facebook and Instagram...but then I realize my mom doesn't see Instagram and that is where most of my pictures are...so I will update this with some recent pictures I've taken...  Mostly of the 4th of July and then when Daron and I went up north that weekend.  (Bryan didn't want to go...party pooper)

Johnny, Bryan and Charlie waiting for the AJ fireworks to start

Lighting off our own fireworks after the main show

My cute watermelon (got the idea from Pinterest of course)

Daron looking out over the rim...he was VERY nervous at how close I was making him get to the edge (which wasn't close at all)

I know I've posted pictures of our trips up north before...but I can't get over how beautiful it is up there!

Daron and I on the rim!  So beautiful!

He was so scared in this shot...I desperately tried to get him to go out on that rock way to the right, but he wouldn't even consider it

Franklin now sleeps in our bed...and he is quite the bed hog and he sleeps in the weirdest positions.

He is a little stinker...but we sure love him!

It's monsoon season here...so we've had some crazy rain storms...like the one in the video above.

When Daron and I went up north on July 5th, it rained like crazy most of the day we were suppossed to go to Hever-Overgards Fourth of July festivals.  We still went and had fun...but it was rainy the whole time.