Smart?...I don't think so...

I got my lunch out today and here is what I am having:

And here are the microwaving instructions:

Does anyone else notice anything a little...wrong??


per Jillians request...

Last night we had a 'former roomate' hangout...
We try to have one about once a month...but with everyones schedules and all of us living at opposite sides of the valley...it's proving to be a difficult task!  Last night Whitney wasn't able to make it cause she had to meet with a family whose mother was being crazy (she's a social worker)... but me, Jillian, Ashlie and Stacie were there.  We ate at the Olive Garden...which is always yummy.

I'm glad these girls live 'close' by...it's good to have friends out here to have a little escape from reality sometimes.  What would really be cool is if I didn't live clear on the other side of the planet...then we could do lunch more often or weekend shopping or something....

Maybe someday...


weekend wrap-up...

I had a really good Valentines Day weekend!  Both of the kids were at their moms house for the weekend...so needless to say we got a lot of stuff done!

We got up pretty early on Saturday and went to the grocery store, which was supposed to be a 'small' trip, but it ended taking us an hour an a half.  While I got everything put away, Daron started taking apart our fridge/freezer in the garage to see why it's leaking.  He got that diagnosed and by 11 we were on our way out again to run some more errands. 

Daron made a much needed eye appointment for me (because I'm a HUGE procrastinator). I've been wearing the same pair of contacts since October...and my glasses are really old.  I ended up getting my eye appointment, 6 months of contacts and 2 pairs of glasses for $150!!  Yeah for insurance!!

We also went to a local produce store that had lots of really cheap fruits and vegetables!  After that we went to the 99cent store...cause that is the only place we can find the spaghetti sauce everyone likes...and we had some time to waste before my eye appointment, so we wandered around there for a while.  Let me tell you...the 99cent store is AMAZING!  I got a pair of sunglasses for a dollar...

 And Daron found himself a new cord that connects his iPod to his car!  His got stolen out of his car a couple months ago...and it was like $10 for a new one at a regular store!

Later on that evening we had reservations at Black Angus, and thank goodness we did cause we still had to wait about an hour to be seated...I feel bad for those that showed up with no reservations!  It as at least a 2 hour wait!  Before we went to dinner, Daron and I exchanged gifts.  Of course he told me he hadn't gotten me anything really, so I didn't feel too bad about only getting him some Dark Chocolate Strawberry Ghiradelli Squares and some turtle eggs from the Fudge Factory.  Well...the little liar...he got me this cute teddy bear, holding a box of chocolates, and it had a back pack on that had a little box with a necklace in it!  You can't see it very well in that picture...but its a gold heart, with a little heart cut out of it, and then two rings inside the cutout heart!  It was perfect!  Simple enough that I can wear it with super casual clothes, but it still looks good when I dress up (which is never...)

So then the actual Valentines Day gets here and I figured he was going to send me flowers...but he actually brought me flowers to work...and then had lunch with me!


MISSING: $1,000...

This blog is worth the read...

Growing up we knew these two little old ladies...Doris and Dorothy.  They were twins...and now looking back, even though they don't look alike...I can't tell you which one is which!

We would go and visit them during the week, help them plant their garden, watch the Grape Festival Parade from their porch (they lived in that big white house right across the street to the south of the Nauvoo Temple), they would come over for Thanksgivings and visit us on Christmas Day.  We each got a 5-pack of Wrigley gum and a $5 bill every Christmas.  Sometimes it was Juicy Fruit. 

I remember when we would visit their house...they had the COOLEST things I like to 'play' with, even though they weren't toys!  They had a glass paperweight I loved to hold every time I was there.  They had a mini cast iron stoves with tiny little pots and pans on a shelf I thought was really neat.  They had one of those things you would look into and you'd put a double picture at the other end and it would look 3-D.  They also had one of those wooden peg games...that was one of my favorites too!

The one with the silver hair (on the right in all the pictures...Doris I believe)...died first.  I was in high school I think.  Dorothy died a few years later...I was in college in Idaho so I wasn't able to go to the funeral (not that I would of because I loathe funerals)...  That summer after she died, we got some stuff from her lawyers saying they had left us something in their will.  In some later paperwork we got from them they said she had left me, Nathan, Tacy and Jessie all $1,000 savings bonds.  I remember asking my mom what that meant and she explained that it was $1,000, but it wasn't all there yet.  It had to mature, so it was going to be quite a few years before it would be worth the full $1,000.  I was excited of course!  Well, a few weeks later, we got another thing from those lawyers saying that they had also left us each $5,000!!  Only, it was a check...not a bond.  I asked my mom if we had to wait to have it  and she was there was no waiting...it was an actual check for each of us.  So, we each got straight up $5,000 dollars!  I had already been looking at getting a new car that summer, and so my parents used my portion right away towards that car.  The other 3 kids got theirs put into the bank and have used it since for tuition, rent and whatever. 

I have always remembered in the back of my mind that someday that other bond would mature and it would be a nice little surprise to have.  Of course...in between then and now I have had financial things where I would of loved to use that money...but I never even considered it or even asked my mom about it because... in my mind...it had to mature for a very long time.  I've thought about it off and on...I remember even mentioning it to Daron as something I had there and someday...when it had matured fully...we would have it to use for whatever we needed. 

So the the other day we were going over the bills and stuff and configuring when we would get which ones paid of and what have you...and once again I mentioned that $1,000...and wondered how far along it was.  So that's when Daron asked where the bond was..."Cause if you have a savings bond...that's an actual piece of paper that you have.  So you or your mom would have it"  Well...of course I didn't have it, so I called my mom to see what the status of this whole bond situation was.

Come to find out...I guess I invented the whole "$1,000 Savings Bond" thing up.  No one in my family has any recollection of such a thing.  Even Tacy...who remembers EVERYTHING!  My mom says "some parts of the story sound vaguely familiar...I will have to dig around in my files to see what I can find."  Well, that doesn't boost my confidence.  I think someone would remember if they were holding onto $4,000 worth of savings bonds. 

I am just so dang confused as to how I have such a clear recollection of it...if it never happened.  When we got the checks for the $5,000 I specifically remember thinking "I hope I don't have to wait too many years to use that money like I have to wait for that other savings bond thing we got!" 

It's a mystery...I wish I had a Delorean that could take me back in time so I could figure this out!


How time flies...or does it...

Yesterday was my 4 month anniversary.  That isn't a really number to get all excited about...but it feels like it has been a heck of a lot longer than only 4 months!!!  I got to thinking about it and for only being married for 4 months...we've had a lot of stuff go on... two major holidays...a death...a wedding...a surgery...those are some big things! 

Well...hopefully the next 4 months will be jam pack with just as much excitement... (minus deaths and surgeries)


A fun weekend...

We decided to get out of the house this weekend and go do something fun!  Daron and I had seen a commercial on TV for the "Glendale Chocolate Affaire" and thought that looked like something cool to go to...so Daron looked into it a little more and we went over early this afternoon...
It was fun!  There were lots of food vendors there, some with cool chocolate things, and some with just carnival type food.  There were some kids rides, like a bouncy house and a rock climb and a little ferris wheel.  They also had some romance novelists there for book signings...and live music!  We walked around and ate a lot of crappy for you but really good to eat food!

Hannah and I sharing a chocolate dipped cheesecake....SO YUMMY!
Hannah and the fried pickles
Bryan struggling to eat a fried pickle

Everyone enjoying their chocolate covered apple!