surprise surprise...

book the location...check!

wedding shoes...check!


another one bites the dust...

apply for a passport...check!


to do list...

wedding invite....check

wedding dress...check

plane tickets...check

Everything else I have to do...NO CHECK!



oh my...

Holy crap I don't think I've ever gone this long without blogging...and the sad part is I have SO MUCH to blog about!!

First things first...as I'm sure all of you know already...I'M ENGAGED!! Daron flew out last Tuesday and spent the next 10 days out here! I am taking him to the airport tomorrow morning. It has been an amazing 10 days but it will be nice to get back to 'normal' for the next little while. That is until my definition of normal changes drastically in a few months.

I knew he was going to ask me while he was out here...but I didn't know where or when...so when he asked me at the Arch in St. Louis shortly after I picked him up, needless to say I was surprised. I knew he wanted to talk to my dad first...and come to find out he already had on the phone (that's how my dad asked my grandpa about my mom...so he thought that would be fine to keep up tradition)... The fun thing was, when I got home there was a surprise 'Happy Engagement' that Tuna and Daron had been planning for a while!!! It was nice to have everyone there!

Here is a picture at the arch where he asked...

We had a rockin 4th of July party! There was a super cool 3-legged race...good food...door prizes...and of course some fireworks! ( I was trying to post some picture of it all...but for some reason the picture uploader isn't working anymore)

Me and Daron went to Indiana and spent most of a day with Sarah and her family! It was so nice to see her again!

So it has been a crazy week or two...I got engaged...Had a party...got my dress and my bridesmaid dresses...saw Wicked in St. Louis...went to Indiana...worked a little...took some engagement pictures...and lots of other stuff. Needless to say I am tired and should be going to sleep now instead of blogging...

I will try to get the pictures posted tomorrow or at least sometime soon!