Well...I'm a bad blogger...but...so is everyone else!  All my friends that blog have not done so in over a week!  Here are a few things that are worth probably a full blog for each of them, but for now they will just be listed here:

*  Thanksgiving happened!  It was a pretty good day!  Daron put me in charge of the turkey so we did it differently from how he's used to cooking it.  He was nervous the whole time, but after faithfully basting in every 20 minutes for about 5 hours he decided it was one of the yummiest turkeys ever!  Yeah for new things! Daron's mom and dad and his sister and her family came over that day.  It was nice to spend time with everyone.

* I went black Friday shopping for the first time ever!  It was SO FUN!  I got some good stuff I think.  I went with Judy and Melissa (Daron's mom and sister) and it was a blast!  I am probably addicted now.

*The day before Thanksgiving Bryan fell off his bike and scratched his lip, and knee pretty good and busted his front tooth in half!  We took him to the Dr just to double check that he didn't break a bone in his face or something, but he was fine.  He goes to the dentist today to get something done with his hill-billy missing tooth!

*Hannah got a job!  She works for Smart Style in the Walmart close to our house!  So thankful for this!

*I have 99.9% of my Christmas shopping done! This includes everyone getting a present from me!  I am so excited for this!  Last year I put it off and had to do a lot of December weekend shopping...and that was miserable for me!  So this year I got on the ball and got it all done.  Yeah!

*We traded in my Escape and got Daron a new work truck.  I have to say I was a little sad to see it go...it was one of the few things I brought into the marriage...but since I was driving the new car we got in September I couldn't really argue.  Plus, it's a nice truck...I'm not complaining at all.

*Ashlie Wilson got married!  We got to share a last name for just over a year!  Now she is an Estrada.  I was the 'maid of honor' at her wedding the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Her aunts and uncle came in to town and it was nice to see them.  Ashlie made a beautiful bride, and her wedding was perfect!  Small and cute and great!  Now I've just got to convince her to move to the east side with me so we can be friends and hang out!

There is probably something else I'm forgetting to mention...but I can't think of it now. 


Parents Visit...

My parents came out and visited us at the beginning of November!  They were here from the 3rd and went home on the 9th.  We had a good time!  One day we went down to Tucson to Kartchner Caverns.  Daron and I had gone before and really enjoyed it, so we thought we'd take them and Bryan and see the other part of the cave we didn't get to see.  Needless to say, our tour was not as good as it could of been.  When me and Daron went a few months ago, our tour guide was amazing!  He showed us a bunch of neat stuff and seemed really interested in what he was doing.  The lady we had this last time seemed like she was just 'doing her job'.  It was still interesting to be in the cave, but only because I could draw on the stuff I learned a few months ago with the other guide.  But, it was a good time anyway. 

That hill above my moms and my head is the cavern.  They take you up to the entrance in a little shuttle and then you have to walk through a bunch of doors and get sprayed down on your way in so you don't leave any dust or particles behind, since it is a living cave.  That's why my hair looks so lovely, it got a little wet, then with the humidity in the cave, it was just beautiful afterwards. :(

Dad and Mom waiting for our tour to start

In the museum part of the tour they have little 'caves' you can crawl through to see what it was like for the original men that found the cave.

As you can see, some people would be better cavers than others! :)

We did some other fun things while they were here:  we saw the Casa Grande Ruins (fine to see it once, but I probably wouldn't go back), we ate at The Melting Pot (so yummy!),  and had Darons family over for a BBQ.  It was so much fun having my parents here!  I wish they would of been able to stay longer, but when you live far apart, you have to take what you can get!


Catch up...

I hate blogs that start out with "I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now"... but really I HAVE been meaning to blog about these things for a while now... I just got busy with my parents in town and preparing for that and stuff.  But anyway...here is my catch up blog...

A few months ago I bought a Groupon for bowling in Fountain Hills.  It was a pretty good deal, 3 games of bowling for 4 people, plus shoe rental and money towards their food.  It turned out to be a really small dinky bowling alley.  We ended up being by ourselves for a good portion of it, and shortly after we got their it was GLOW BOWLING!  So fun!  Here are the pictures to prove how much fun it was!

On Saturday October 29th Daron, his mom and I headed over to Schnepf Farms for their fall festivities!  It's a fun little festival where there is a petting zoo, a small carnival, a train ride, food stands, face painting, piglet races and a bunch of other fun stuff for families.  We went in the afternoon, so it was a tiny bit warm outside, but none the less we had a good time!


Ashlies Bridal Shower...

On Oct 26th Charlene and I threw a bridal shower for Ashlie!  It was fun times!  There were lots of people there and Ashlie walked away with lots of fun presents!

Here are a few pictures (some that I stole from Charlene's facebook page) from the shower.  I made the favors and came up with some games and Charlene put together the food table and did most of the food.  It was so yummy and we all had a good time!

This is the gift I made Ashlie for the shower. I had wanted to blog this a while ago...but had to wait until after the shower because she looks at my blog and I didn't want her surprise ruined!  It's hard to see but I bought some glass dishes and etched stuff into them!  It was cute, pretty easy..and makes some a personalized gift!  I sound like I'm tooting my own horn, but I thought these turned out really cute and WARNING if you're my friend and I am getting you a present in the near future...there is a good chance you may get some glass thing etched! :)