Maybe it's just me...

Do you ever go through a big list of crafting blogs and just get real depressed thinking about all the crafty things you never do.  And then you start to think about it you get real mad at those 'oh so freaking perfect' women who have it all together and can do meticulously annoying craft projects and work on photo shop and online scrapbooking in their immaculate office.

And they make all of their daughters the cutest matching outfits with ruffles and fake flowers and all of her boys the most 'darling' matching ties.  And the kids rooms are all clean with matching decorations and it never gets messed up and her kids aren't nasty little piglets.

And she makes new decor to every day that she puts up around her perfectly decorated house. 

And every room is so nice you could spend all day just in the entryway or the laundry room.

And everything has a place and there is a place for everything.

I mean...where do they find the time!  After getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to get kids to school and then working an 8 hour day...figuring what to make for dinner...cleaning up dinner...cleaning up something else like a bathroom or bedroom...then probably having to do a load of laundry or two...where do you find time for any of it?


Easter happenings...

Here are a few picture from our Easter weekend...coloring eggs...and sorting through easter candy!


A new day, a new donn...

A new do!!!

I had a random fit of decicivness tonight and decided to let Hannah cut my hair!

I like it a lot!!  It will be a cooler style for summer I think...  


Anything you can do I can do better...

The other day Keri decided she wanted to order some shelving for the office.  It arrived last week and sat there in the boxes for a couple days.  Everyone kept saying "Oh...we'll wait for the boys to set that up" or "Surely there is a guy who can do that sometime"...  So, I got my stuff done early on Friday and I headed back to the office to set it up myself!  Dave came back a couple times 'to check on me'.  He seemed a little blown away that I was taking it upon myself to put together these shelves!

One time he came back and said "Wow...it looks like you've got a little bit of your dad in you!"  All I could do was chuckle a little to myself...cause if you know my dad...as amazing of a guy that he is...he's not very handy.  It's like Tacy said "NO...it's more like you've got a little big of Tacy in you."  Personally I think Tacy has a little bit of me in her!



I thought I would do a little update as to what was going on in the life of the Wilsons:

Daron and I have been married for 6 months as of yesterday...and let me tell you it feels like it's a lot longer than that!  I don't think that's a bad thing though... think it means that as awkward and as much of an adjustment as it could of been...it has been really easy and nice!

We have been talking about moving closer into town.  Right now we live about 35 miles away from my office (which is right on the border of Phoenix and Tempe).  If you take one of the main freeways out of town, once you finally get to our road, Ironwood, then you get off and have to go another 10 miles S to our house.  Well...after all the talking and looking and searching...we found a house!  (hopefully)  Me and Daron had 2 houses to look at yesterday, and we really liked the first one we went to so we canceled our other appointment, filled out the application for this house, and according to the realtor it looks like this will be our new home for the next few years or so.  Of course we eventually want to buy a house, but not for a couple more years...  So now we still drive down to Ironwood, but instead of driving that 10 more miles down to Ocotillo, we just have to drive 1 mile north to Southern.  I'm excited about this change!  Our rent will be cheaper, our electric will be cheaper cause this is a single story house, we won't burn through as much gas...so this will be good all around.  Bryan has struggled with this decision the most cause he has to move AGAIN...and I know that is frustrating for him...but he'll be fine.  Some of the best people I know moved a lot as kids...so I'm not worried.

Hannah is in her last few weeks of high school!  She is struggling to get through her classes...but is optimistic about passing them all...so hopefully every thing will be good on that end.  She is also finishing up cosmetology school at the same time.  She is going to Nauvoo this summer for a month to work at the Fudge Factory and get a little sample of life in the 'real world'...  She's gonna stay with Tacy and Jessie and hopefully have a really good time!  We are just as excited as she is!

Other than that there isn't too much to report.  School is winding down here in a month or so and that is exciting for Bryan and Hannah, even though Bryan says we've 'ruined his summer' cause of the move.  I am in NO WAY looking forward to the heat...oh man...but at least there is no humidity.  I have never experience humidity until I moved back to Nauvoo this past summer.  Of course I grew up with humidity...but you don't really EXPERIENCE it till you leave it then have to come back to it.  Oh man it was awful.

Anyway...that's us...in a nutshell...