Two things...

1.  I found my post-it collection.

2.  My chapped lips seem to be under control once again.


millions of families suffer from it every year...

I am suffering from a chronic case of chapped lips.  No matter what brand of 'chap stick' I use...NOTHING helps.  Sometimes the chappiness is less noticeable...but most of the time my lips are bright red and peely and rough and it's embarrassing.  I've used Carmex (in the tube, not the canister), Chapstick, Burts Bees, Blistex (the really good liquidy kind and the waxy kind), Vaseline (regular and cherry flavored), and I've actually put Neosporin on one time...but the taste was AWFUL...so I never did that again.

NOTHING HELPS!!!  It got so bad a couple Sundays ago, my lips were almost cracking, and I couldn't find one freaking thing of chapstick anywhere in my house or my car or my purse...and Daron finally ran to the Walgreen's to get me some cause I was almost in tears. 

(My title is a little shout of for Daron cause he now LOVES the office and his favorite thing so far has been when Jim dresses up like Dwight and Dwight yells at him "Identity theft is a crime Jim....millions of families suffer from it every year!)


just real quick...

I just wanted to share with every this find I got at Wal Mart!  This is the yummiest smelling candle ever!  Well...actually...it's probably tied with this other candle I get at Hobby Lobby called Vineyard...but this one is easier to get cause like I said it's at WalMart.  I haven't even lit it yet and it's making my office smell so good!  So...if you're in the market for a super yummy smelling candle...might I sugest Cranberry Mandarin by Mainstays. 


Round 2...

I did this a couple years ago, and I've seen some people doing this on facebook and on their blogs, and so I've decided to do it again!  I think I got almost everyones gift to them (with the exception of one person, and I did make her present...but I just never got it to her before I left Arizona, sorry Alayna!!)  even if it was more like a year and a half later, rather than the year I promised (Sorry Kevin, I hope you're enjoying your book safe!) 

Just like the last time I did this, I'm not going to limit it to 5 people...but whoever comments gets a prize!  I'm trying to up my comments...cause my past few blogs have only gotten one or two comments on them, and that was usually after I called my family and verbally harassed them for not commenting on my blogs!!

ANYONE who respond to this win something from me!
This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make

2.What I create will be just for you.

3. It'll be done this year-no guarantees on when this year, but sometime in 2011!

4. You have no clue what it's going to be. the possibilities are endless.

5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

Anyone who leaves a me comment will win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it! Sounds like fun right?!?


Me thinks...

This pictures has nothing whatsoever to do with my blog, but I saw it the other day on my phone when I was looking for cool backgrounds, and  I thought it was HILARIOUS!

I've been thinking lately about those little random things that happen in our lives, and we don't think much of them at the time, and sometimes we still don't think much of them, but when we get down to thinking about it...those little events were the major turning points in our lives...

For example:

1.  I have this 'life journal' thing I've been trying to keep up on where you draw a question from a box and you answer it in a journal...then you're posterity can read it later on and know cool stuff about you.  My question on Sunday was 'Tell about a good friend in your life and why they are so important to you'.  So, I excluded family and decided to talk about Sarah Harward!  I was thinking back on our 'history' and how we got to be friends and what not...and I remembered that we became O.K. friends at the Fudge Factory the summer after my senior year of high school and before her sophomore year of college. We hung out and had good times together...but then she went back to Ricks and I went to WIU.  For some random reason, I decided to go visit her at Ricks on my spring break.  Looking back now, that seemed like a weird thing for me to do.  I was anti church schools, so I didn't want to go there, and even though me and Sarah had become friends, I dont' remember being good enough friends with her at that time to justify flying all the way to Idaho for a visit.  But...thinking about that now...I doubt I would of ever transferred out there for school and lived with her and gotten to be the friends we are today if I hadn't of make that spring break trip (which deserves a whole blog in and of itself...between the hospital and the marijuana grapefruit). 

2.  When I think about my life between January 2010 and Oct 2010...it's sort of a blur!  I would of laughed in your face really really hard if you'd of told me last Christmas that I'd be married by the end of 2010.  Looking back on the whole 'dating' thing me and Daron did my last few months in Arizona...I am amazed it worked out the way it did.  I had only gone out with him one time before he was joking around about being my 'boyfriend' and how we should go out again and blah blah blah, and that was at the end of March/beginning of April.  Well...on April 20th I was having my gallbladder out, and my mom came to town a couple days before so she could be with me.  Me and Daron had been texting and talking on the phone quite a bit, and when I told him my mom was coming he was absolutely insistent that he met her.  I told him he had no reason to meet her...he was just the creeper I went out with once...it wasn't necessary for them to meet.  But he was adamant...kept joking "I'm your boyfriend...I need to meet your mom." and I would say "You are absolutely NOT my boyfriend and you don't need to meet my mom".  But, despite my best arguing skills, he ended up coming over the night before my surgery to meet my mom (because I didn't want him coming over after my surgery cause I'd feel like crap).  That was the first time I'd seen him since our date quite a few weeks earlier.  He ended up coming over that day, then the day of my surgery, and then the next day too.  My mom actually liked him!  And so, looking back...that made it a lot easier for me to 'like him' too.  I told him he has himself and my mom to thank for me falling for him.  If he hadn't of met my mom that one time...things would of gone a lot slower than they did!  When we talk about our 'courtship' (that is such a stupid word), we both agree that him being so insistent on meeting my mom was probably the turning point of things.  Such a seemingly insignificant thing...and look at things now!!

Anyway...that's my deep thinking for the week...


my collection...

I have a collection of post-it notes that I have gathered over the years.  I think it started in college, when my mom used to send me packages and label everything in them with a post-it note as to what the purpose of that item was for.  For example...on a crock pot seasoning packet for a roast she put "For Sunday Dinner"...I loved it, so I started to keep them in a zip lock baggy.  I have a note from a roommate who saw my car parked on campus and wanted to say hello, I have notes from the backflow technicians that I work with that have little funny things they've written when they turn in their work, I have the post-it that J.P. wrote his number on and gave to me, and I have the post-it that Daron left on my desk one day when he was working at my office and kept continuously asking me out that said "So, Saturday?"... And I have so many others I can't even remember!

I went to put my newest gathering of post-it's in there the other week...and I can't find it...anywhere...and I looked REALLY hard and now I'm really starting to worry that I'll never find it. :(


Christmas Eve...

 Since I've been a bad blogger...I've decided to split up my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day blogs...

For Christmas Eve we went to Darons sister Melissas house for a late/lunch and did presents with the cousins and stuff there.  It was fun!

 Nathan and Logan got to open a lot of their presents first!

They thought it was funner to play 'on' the presents than with them...

Hannah got Hello Kitty slipper/boots from Brittnay and she LOVES THEM!

 Darons dad makes his famous chex mix for everyone...

Darons nephew Johnny got a gift card to Build-A-Bear...his FAVORITE place to go!

 Bryan got Comedy Movies Scene It from the Camilleris (Darons sister)

Daron sporting some Christmas Cheer!!

I thought this one was great...Johnny being silly with Daron being oblivious and Brittnay giving him bunny ears!