Are you sure?

So today I had to go to the Wal-Mart and purchase amongst other things...NyQuil. So I'm at the little self-checker outer and I scan the NyQuil and it says that I have to have approval, so the lady comes over and scans her little card to verify she is an employee and she looks at me and says "Are you 18?" "Yep," I said. She looks at me with some sort of you-look-like-some-punk-seventeen-year-old-that-wants-nothing-more-than-to-buy-NyQuil-illegally-and-do-who- knows-what-with-it look. Then she says "Are you sure?" I respond "Yep, I'm 25". "Ok," she mutters, and approves my purchase.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.


What a yucky day!

Well today is Sunday January 27th and I am writing my first official blog on this blogspot thing. It has sort of been a crappy day. Well, the weather is beautiful...and because of that fact I took my dog for a long walk. We were walking in this forest behind my house and I slipped on some mud (because it was such beautiful weather, the hard ground had been melted to mud) and I twisted my back somehow. So....ounch.
Also, President Hinckley died about an hour ago. How crappy is that? And, so because of that fact I picked up my phone to call my sister and...what do you know...my phone died. It is doing this weird clicking noise and flashing a white screen.
But, it is no longer freezing cold out, my house is warm, my bed is very comfortable, and I have a good book waiting to be read. Maybe it's not such a bad day after all.