The ABC's of Katy...

  I have been working on a good blog post in my head for a few days now...but I dont' have it quite firgured out yet, so I saw this on a friends blog and thought I would copy it just to get a new post up in the meantime!

Age: 29
Bed size:  King
Chore you hate:  Putting away the clothes I folded
Dessert:  Cherry Chocolate Cake, or Caseys donuts
Essential start of the day: McDonald breakfast...but I'm trying to break that habit...
Favorite color: anything that is glittery... but especially purple glittery
Gold or Silver: Gold
Height: 5'6"
Instruments you play: violin and piano
Job Title: administrative assistant for now at least
Kids: 2 step kids at the moment
Live: Apache Junction
Mom's name:  Kathy
Nickname: Katy, Kitten, Kit, katarina violin mandolin trombone
Overnight hospital stays: none since I was a baby
Pet peeve: teenagers
Quote from a movie: it is causing me anxiety to come up with a good one, so I'm not picking any
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: two sisters and a brother, I think, I haven't spoken to him in over a year so I'm not sure
Time you wake up: usually 7:15 on a work day or 8:30 on a non work day.
Underwear: I wear them yes.
Vegetables you dislike: lima beans
What makes you late: traffic
X-rays you've had done: I had a chest x-ray done a long time ago, and teeth x-rays even longer than that
Yummy food you make: my family is a fan of a carolina BBQ chicken that I make sometimes
Zoo animal: giraffe


A new car...

If you read the title out loud and say it like they do on The Price is Right...then it's SO much more fun!

But anyway, this past Saturday me and Daron got A NEW CAR!  We traded in his Ford Taurus and got a Ford Fusion!  A new 2012 Ford Fusion!  And the funnest thing of all is that I get to drive it!  He is taking the Ford Escape!

One of my favorite things about it is the dashboard!  It's blue and almost 3D looking.  The car is 'Cinnamon'...but it's mostly just a really dark, almost black looking red.  Daron likes it so much that it may not be too long before we trade in the Escape for another Fusion!


Viva Las Vegas...

Daron and I went to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend!  It was a lot of fun!  He got us tickets to The Lion King and to The Improv.  I would absolutely recommend seeing The Lion King if you ever get the opportunity!  We had a great time just relaxing and having fun!  And we ate at the yummiest restaurants; I've never eaten so much seafood and prime rib in my life!

I didn't take my purse around with me too often, so I didn't get many pictures.  But here are few that I did take:

This is the Bellagio.  The lobby ceiling was covered in Chihully glass lilies!

Excuse the fact that Daron looks stoned...but this is us waiting to see the fountain show at the Bellagio.

Us at the Bellagio fountain show again.

It was a great weekend!


A frustration...

I have been going to a wound care clinic for a few weeks now cause my cut on my leg has been healing EXTREMELY slowly. (And no I'm not diabetic, thanks for asking.  That is my #1 most asked question when it comes to this wound.  Every nurse that looks at it or just happens to glance my way asks.  I'm about to make a shirt that says "I may be fat and have a wound that doesn't heal but I'M NOT DIABETIC!)

Anyway...the parking lot is pretty small and it only has 4 rows of parking; 2 are just normal parking, 1 is employee parking, and the other is a valet parking.  It sounds nice, to have valet parking at a wound care facility.  And I should state that it is 'free' parking...but of course that free doesn't include a tip!  Now...if you are in such a state that you can't walk from a parking lot to the door without being in pain, then someone is probably driving you and they can drop you off right at the door and go park.  After all, it is a really small parking lot, and so even if they drop you off and they can only park in the furthest stall from the door, that stall is still closer than any close spot at your local walmart!

Anyway, my point is, I end up having to use the dumb valet thing cause the 2 normal rows are all full.  But, I feel so bad for the valet guy or girl who has to stand outside all day and fetch cars for people because I never remember to bring a dollar or two for a tip!   And today when the guy brought me my car he even looked down at my hands as I was heading towards him...and I just don't know if I should be awkward and say "Sorry, I don't have anything for you" or if I just ignore the awkwardness and get in my car and drive away."

I just ignored it...