I'm a little behind...

A little behind...get it!

So...I've been really awful at putting anything on the blog...so I thought I'd take the quite Friday night to do a little updating. 
First...here are some pictures from Easter!  We colored eggs Saturday night, and then on Sunday we had a nice dinner at Judy's house...I hid eggs for the kids to find, even though Daron thought I was being silly, they seemed to enjoy it! 

 This past weekend Daron and I went up to Pinetop.  It was beautiful weather and a good time.  Nothing really 'to do' up there...but we drove around in the mountains and it was just good to get away and relax for a weekend.  We brought our air mattress so at night we would go out on some scary-middle-of-nowhere-secluded-dark-mountain road and blow the mattress up and laid in the back of the truck to star gaze.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL!  


Kindness begins with me...

So this Monday for our Family Home Evening lesson Hannah talked about service.  She shared a story about a man that happened upon $100 and instead of keeping it he decided to help out 100 people.  It inspired me to do a "30 Day of Service" project in our family.  So starting today, we were all going to do at least one act of kindness or bit of service for someone.  I'm not wanting to 'brag' about it..but I feel like if I don't document it then we won't be as diligent in keeping up on our project...So here are our acts of service for today:

Daron was on a service call for a little old lady who 'couldn't get her computer to turn on'.  When he got there, it turned on and worked just fine.  He spent a few minutes looking at somethings (on her computer) and then when she offered to pay the basic trip charge for a short service call, her told her not to worry about it, there would be no charge.

Daron and I gave $21 to a (clearly homeless) guy going around to people in the Target parking lot asking for money.

Hannah cleaned the kitchen and front room today without any having to ask her.

Bryan said he didn't do any acts of service or kindness...but to his credit he came and gave me a big hug when I was being particularly grouchy after work today, and I think that counts!

So that's where we start.  Elder Rasband said this past weekend in General Conference: 

Sometimes, while well meaning, the phrase "Let me know if you need any help" is no help at all.

I'm looking forward to the next month of going out of my way to see how I can be a kinder and more service oriented person.