We got a new bed spread the other day.  I personally really liked our purple button comfortor we got for my bridal shower, but Daron was over the purple. So, we got a cool gray comforter set from Pennys and it is SO NICE!!  But here is my biff with King size comforter/sheet sets: they come with king size pillow cases.  I think most people sleep with standard pillow cases, so needless to say I had a good size collection of king pillow cases that I've never been able to use cause I only have standard pillows (with the exception of 1 set of king pillows I bought to use with the shams that come with the comforter sets)  I've been saying for  while that as soon as I got a sewing machine I would cut the king size ones down to fit a standard pillow.  Well I got a sewing machine for chrimstmas and never did it, and during one of my first sewing projects my sewing machine broke!  So now what!  Well, thanks to Darons mom Judy who sewed them for me...all of my beautiful matching king size pillow cases are now beautiful matching standard pillow cases!  No more random miss matched pillow cases!

Old beadspread, mismatched pillow cases

New bedspread, lovely matching pillow cases!


Little bit of nothin...

Since Tuna going home, we haven't really done a whole lot of anything. Just regular life living I guess, but I thought I'd post a few things to try to stay current on the blog.

I've been playing a lot of angry birds lately.  I have 3 starts in all the levels, except for the few I have left to unlock.  It's a crazy addicting stupid game.

 Bryan is hiking (as I type this) with the other 14/15 year olds in our ward today up by the Grand Canyon, the Havasupi trails.  Its intense, but I'm sure he's having a blast with those guys!  He won't be 14 until next week, but since he missed the other big hike they did while we were in California, and he's practically 14 now, they decided he could come too. 

Franklin got neutered last week.  He has definately been less...frisky.  He's such a cute guy, but I'm having the hardest time getting him to go to the bathroom outside.  We will take him right out first thing in the morning and he wants to be held and then runs around chasing the cats, and as soon as we come inside he'll pee on the floor.  It INFURIATES me.  I have read so many different things about what to do, punish him, don't punish him, put him in solitary, don't put him in solitary, rub his face in it, don't rub his face in it.  It's so annoying cause nothing seems to work.  Arg...

 I'm officially a diet drinker.  It's to the point that when I first take a sip of a diet soda, it tastes so normal to me that I have to double check to make sure I didn't get a regular soda.  This is a good thing I think, cause I used to loathe diet soda.

 I love working in the primary in church.  I used to just have the 4/5 year olds, but a couple weeks ago I got 3 six year olds in my class...so that's 8 kids total.  They are pretty good kids, and I worry every day that I will get called out of primary...because I REALLY like primary and I know as soon as you get comfortable somewhere...that's when it seems you get switched to something else.

 It's hotter than hell here.  Literally.  It's going to be in the 110's all next week. Seriously.  Torture.

I've been trying to organize everything at my office.  And mostly I've been just trying to get rid of the tons and tons of stupid files we have.  People before me would keep 3 or 4 copies of the same things!  It's ridiculous. 



So, my vacation to San Diego FINALLY came, and now it has come to an end.  The good thing is, my sister is still visiting for another week, so it's not like all the fun times are ending yet!
San Diego was SO NICE!!  The weather was perfect (borderline chilly sometimes)!  We went to Sea World,  a few different beaches, The San Diego Zoo, and just had a really good time!  I could go into details, but who wants to read boring words when you can see fabulous pictures!!

Tuna feeding the Sea Lions

Daron feeding the Sea Lions

See that cool dolphin Tuna is drinking out of...Daron left it on the rapids ride we went on...so sad.

I loved this cause it looks like Tuna is kissing that fish!

Our first day at the beach at Coronado Island

There was a guy making cool sand designs right by where we parked...it says "I  (heart) u"

This was a cool spider formed out of palm leaves...I thought my dad would enjoy that.

This is at La Jolla beach, it was so windy it blew our umbrella away!

Tuna and I stayed on the beach instead of playing in the water this day cause we were fried from the sun!

Tuna enjoying her first tastes of crab!  Too bad she'll never find good crab back at home!
I put this picture on Facebook when it happened...but this was so cool!  When Bryan was playing in the ocean outside Joes Crab Shack, there were dolphins jumping in the water behind him.  I snapped this cool shot...