Just a little bit not skinny...

I teach the 4/5 year olds at church.  And, if you've ever been around little kids, you know that they are brutally honest.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I've walked by a little kid in the grocery store/mall and had them turn to their parent and say "Wow...that lady is REALLY big".  I usually just laugh and brush it off.  So, on Sunday, we were coloring and I said "Dang, I'm FREEZING in here.  Look, I have goosebumps!" So all the kids were like "Do I have goosebumps? and they were showing me their arms" and one girl says "My arms are so skinny" and I said "Yes, all of you are so skinny!" and one kid says "Are you skinny?" and I said "No way, I'm really big!"and then the cutest little girl ever says "No, you're just a little bit not skinny"...  Best compliment ever!


Dieting woes...

In the Spring of 2005 (has it seriously been 7 years!!!) I joined Weight Watchers, and was pretty successful on it, for about 6 months.  I can specifically remember the week of my demise...it was the first week of the new pageant in Nauvoo.  I was there every night helping with concessions, and I remember sitting there eating my hot dog/brat/bbq pork and my chips/popcorn and a Sprite/Root Beer/Caffeine Free Diet Coke and thinking to myself... "I bet I never have a good diet week after this"...and oh how true that statement has become.

I re-joined WW in March 2011, and did OK for a few weeks, but it is SO HARD to diet when your family doesn't diet.  It was easy enough to do breakfast and lunch, cause I was in control of those, but dinner were hard.  We (used to) go out to eat a lot, like 3 or 4 times a week.  So needless to say after my 3 paid months of Weight Watchers was up, and Daron started seeing the charges on the bank statement, he would say, ever so nicely "So are you still doing weight watchers, how is that going?" and after a couple months I got the hint and cancelled the membership, cause I clearly wasn't doing much dieting at all.

When I was pregnant in January I went to the doctor and realized I was at a disgusting all time high for my weight.  It was horrible.  The doctor said I needed to do my best to lose some weight, just so that I didn't gain 40 pregnant pounds on top of the disgusting amount I already was.  That next week I sort of kicked it in gear and at my next appointment about two weeks later I had lost 5 pounds!  It was the first time I had seen my weight go down since 2007!  So, this past March I joined WW...again...thinking if I got pregnant again, I didn't want my weight to be an issue.  Not that I could become the perfect size in a matter of months, but my doctor said he would feel really good about me loosing even just 40 or 50 pounds. (That sounds like a lot, but when you're a gigantic fatty fatty, it's not THAT much to loose.) And I figured I could do that fairly quickly and easily, because I had lost that much, even more I think, back in 2005 (again, was it really 12 years ago??  I am so much older than I think I should be!)

So I started WW by myself.  I was doing OK, again it was really hard to calculate points for dinner, since lots of times Daron makes dinner, or we were going out.  Daron has been working out for the past few months.  He works out like 5 or 6 times a week.  He says he feels SO MUCH better and he was looking really good.  He had a doctors appointment back sometime around the beginning of April, and he was really excited to go cause he knew he had lost weight and was feeling good about it.  But, he hadn't really lost any weight.  His blood pressure and stuff was good, but he hadn't lost the weight he thought he would.  So, a few days later, he decided to follow the footsteps of Charles Barkley and he joined WW too!  I was very excited!  When Daron puts his mind into doing something...he does it and he does it well!  So I knew we would be able to do this together and really kick some butt! We've been calculating points and measuring food and stuff for almost...gosh...I think like 5 weeks! 

Here comes the point of my whole blog:  deciding I wanted to diet with Daron has been a really frustrating endeavor!  It is SO FRUSTRATING!!!!  Like last week; our weigh in day is on Friday, but Daron like to do a pre-weigh on Thursday nights.  So, Thursday we weigh ourselves.  He was down like 5 pounds.  I was up 2.  I knew I would though cause I had made a few bad choices that week, plus it was that lovely time of the month, so I was prepared for a bad number.  So, we get up Friday morning to do our 'real' weigh in, and Daron is down like 2 more pounds...AND I'VE GAINED 3 MORE POUNDS SLEEPING!  I weighed myself 2 more times and it was he same!  How annoying is that!  Daron has lost more weight in the past 4 or 5 weeks than I have since January.  He works out almost every day, even on Saturdays right after grocery shopping and right before we do something fun.  I find it overwhelmingly annoying. Especially since I've tried to start walking on our treadmill the past couple days and I can't go more than 5 minutes before I am sweating like a prostitute in church and my face is all blotch and red for hours.  And on our weekend dinner out when it's supposed to be a 'time out' for one meal, he sits at the restaurant and meticulously calculates his points.  I get so mad sometimes.  But, I think the reality is I'm just jealous.  He is way better at this dieting thing than I am, and it's showing on the stupid scale. 

I can't be all that mad though, I have lost about 20 pounds since going to the baby doctor in January.  It's nothing to really be super proud of, but at least its 20 in the right direction. 


Mothers Day...

Well...technically this is Mothers Eve.  Daron and I took Judy out to The Salt Cellar for Mothers Day.  It is a yummy underground seafood restaurant.  Judy had her first whole lobster, and she said it was delicious!