Who knew what a nightmare this was gonna be...


May 27th- I was at my office faithfully doing my work and I got up to go to the other room to grab a file when I tripped over a stack of metal trays that was left by my desk the day before when I wasn't at work, and this is what happened:

Obviously that picture was taken at the hospital, because at my office my leg was covered in blood, the stuff on my desk was all knocked off and had blood on it, and I was in some pain!  It took me a few seconds to realize I was even cut and that the cut was pretty bad because my let was so bloody I couldn't tell at first how bad it was!  I started crying (surprise) and I pulled myself over to the other side of my desk and got my cell phone.  I called Daron and told him to come quickly cause I knew I was going to need stitches.  He told me to put pressure on it, and the he got off the phone so he could get dressed (I had gone into work really early so he wasn't up when I left, and I fell after being to work only about an hour).  I tried to think of anyone who worked at my office who could get to the office before Daron.  So I called Dave, and he was still in California, so I let him know the office was going to be empty so he would have to check the voicemail periodically.  Then I called my mom, who didn't answer, so I called Tacy.  She convinced me I probably needed to call an ambulance.  I was pretty shaky, and there was a lot of blood, and I was scared cause I was alone and it was going to be a while before Daron got there and I just felt like it was bleeding a lot.  So I ended up calling 911.  Shortly after I hung up with them one of the technicians came back to the office (cause Dave called him and told him that I had fallen and asked if he could go help me).  He was so good and hugged me and told me it would be ok and waved the ambulance down.  Then the ambulance guys came and got my leg all wrapped up and then loaded me up into the back of the ambulance.  It was about then that Daron got there, so he followed us up to the emergency room.  Where they did this:

So the doctor sews me up, tells me to make an appointment with my regular doctor in about 2 weeks to get the stitches out.  Daron does that while we were sitting in the room waiting to be discharged.

June 9th- I go to my regular doctor, and she takes my stitches out.  I do notice that the cut doesn't quite look healed all the way, and in my mind I wonder if they shouldn't of come out yet.  But, she doesn't seem worried at all...and she is after all a doctor, so I didn't question it.  She does put 3 steri strips on it, but they weren't very sticky, and one of them came off the next day.  After a day or so of the stitches being out it looks like this:

Over the next week or so it does start to 'heal', but it also seems to be getting wider and wider every day.  

 I also notice it's pretty red around the edges...and it just seems to keep getting wider!

June 20th- I'm in my front room and I go to sit on the floor, and somehow the way I sit down causes my cut to rip open.  I didn't realize it at first, but after a second it started to burn really bad.  I pulled my jeans up and it was pretty obvious that it had ripped open cause you can see where the healed part had ripped apart.  See:

So I send my mom a picture, and we go over to Darons moms house (she's a retired nurse) and they both agreed I needed to go somewhere and have it looked at that night.  So, we go to an urgent care up the street, where it was going to be a 2 hour wait and there was only 1 person on call.  So we leave, and decided to go back to the emergency room we went to in the first place.  When the doctor got to looking at it, he decides it probably needed to be excised because it doesn't look like it healed correctly.  He wanted to cut away the edges and re-stitch it together.  But, he also thought it looked a little infected.  He decides to put me on an antibiotic and refer me to a plastic surgeon to excise it.  The trick was I had to be on antibiotics for 3 full days before I could see the plastic surgeon, but I had to get in right away.  He does have the nurse put new steri strips on there, and he did a DANG good job!  So, I get on my pills and  I make my appointment for June 27th.  The quickest I could get in.  

June 27th- I get to the plastic surgeons office, which was in a wound care center.  I fill out my form, which was only one piece of paper, basically just asking what I was allergic to (sulfa drugs), along with a few other questions.  I get back to the room where I do the brief history with the nurse, where she asks me quite a few questionssteri strips off, cleans the cut, and then goes back to filling out things on the computer.  She asks again what I was allergic to and what the reaction was.  She does mention in passing that she was almost positive they wouldn't re-stitch it.  We were sort of annoyed cause we thought that was the whole dang reason for going to a plastic surgeon. The doctor comes in, looks at it for about 3 hot seconds, and decides to prescribe me Silver Sulfate, a cream that would help it heal I guess.  She also says she wants me to wear an ace bandage from my toes to my knee, to makes sure it doesn't swell, causing it to take longer to heal!  So the nurse comes in, ointments it up, tapes some gauze over the cut.  Then she wraps this mummy looking gauze from my toes to my knee, and does the same with two ace bandages.  I looked pathetic! I got home and promptly took off the ace and the mummy gauze because it's 120 freaking degrees outside and I don't need anymore of a reason to sweat!

June 28th- I go to Walmart to get my prescription filled for my Silver Sulfate.  When I went to pick it up they said there was a problem.  She says....AREN'T YOU ALLERGIC TO SULFA DRUGS?  I said. YES. She says WELL YOUR DR PRESCRIBED YOU SILVER SULFATE!!  THAT HAS SULFA IN IT!  Are you kidding me?????  That stinking office asked me a billion times what I was allergic to and what the reaction was!  The pharmacist looked at it, and decided that since I hadn't had a reaction yet, that they would still prescribe it and I should be fine.  I mean, in reality I have maybe outgrown that allergy, but what if I hadn't?  And what if my reaction to it was a little more severe than a rash and hives??  I was so annoyed.

So now I sit here with my cut all gross and still not healed, and not it doesn't have anything keeping it from coming open again!  I knew I was going to have a scar, but now my scar is going to be so wide and probably really raised.  I am so over this accident it's not even funny!


Little of this, little of that...

Nothing really super exciting has happened lately...but I thought I'd post a few things that have been going on...

 Hannah leaves tomorrow morning for Nauvoo! And by morning I mean 6 AM! I am very jealous that she gets to spend the whole entire month of July with my family, and I don't think she knows what an opportunity that is...not to toot my own families horn or anything...

 My back has been KILLING me lately...and I think it's our bed.  We got a new bed shortly after we got married, and it was SO COMFORTABLE for a while, but then Daron had really bad back pain and we figured it was the bed.  So we took advantage of the 99 day warranty thing and we traded it in for something a little firmer.  Of course his back was better overnight. I have not had a problem with it until last week, but now my neck and back hurt all the time.  I am hoping it's NOT our bed, cause that would be awful...

 Daron read One for the Money last night and was surprised it was written back in 1975!  It made me think that if back in then the Church received instruction on something that is so important today, what sort of instruction are we getting today (that maybe we don't heed or we blow of as unimportant) that is going to be so pertinent in 35 or 40 years!  Makes you think!

We've gone to the pool up the street a couple of times and it is SO NICE!  Well, I mean the pool itself isn't mind blowing...but just swimming is so nice!  It does make me wish we had a pool at our house, but at the same time it only costs us $5 or $6 to go to this one, which is way cheaper than paying the extra money at our house for a pool...


A fun Saturday...

Daron got us tickets to see Les Miserables this past Saturday!  We had a great day!  It all started off with dropping Hannah off for camp...she will be gone till Wednesday.  Then, she leaves on Tuesday to go to Nauvoo until AUGUST 1ST!!  She is gonna work at the Fudge Factory for my mom, and hopefully be able to save up some money to get her car insturance started back up again so she can get a license again!

After we dropped Hannah off, we went grocery shopping and got Darons car dropped off to be detailed.  We went back home, got Bryan dropped off at his moms house for the weekend, and then we went and both got pedicures!!  We were both sleepy from not getting getting to bed till really late the night before, and then getting up early...so we took a nap!  It was so nice.  And after taht we had dinner at P.F. Changs and then went and saw Les Mis!  It was great! Daron didn't like it so much...but what did you expect really.