Don't be ugly...

(That title goes out to Tacy, and maybe Nathan if he ever reads my blog, but he might not know the reference, even though he was always the one that it was being said to...)

A little while back I posted a blog about how Adele was coming to Las Angelos and how I really wanted to go see her but it didn't seem very realistic. Well...they just added Scottsdale Arizona to her tour!!!! That is just down the road from me!!! I am so so very very much much excited!!! For those of you who don't know her, here is one of her songs:

On another note...here is a little situation that happened at work and I don't know how I feel about it:

Monday night me and Ashlie were closing at Lane Bryant and some women walked in and they had a few little kids with them. One of them was a boy who was probably 4 years old and he was sort of rambunctious (no clue in the world how to spell that word, but I really wanted to use it so I'm not changing it). His mom kept telling him to sit down and stop playing with things. Then at one point she says..."Do you see that lady by the counter?" and he says "Yes" and she says "Well, she is going to spank you if you don't stop messing around. She is going to get really mad and she said she will spank you!"

I don't know how I feel about a mother telling her child I'm going to spank them. Most kids hate me and I don't want to give them another reason to be afraid.


Nose rings and funny things...

The lady that works in the office with me brings her baby to work every day. She is probably 9 months old, and she loves me alot. Lately her thing has been to see how far she can get her little fingers in my mouth...she love my teeth or something. Also, she is always grabbing my nose. The other day she scratched it and now it looks like I have a little ruby red nose ring.

Also...here is a little funny video that I saw on someones blog and it made me laugh...


It's already Monday...

What a crazy busy weekend this one was...
Let's start on Friday.
I worked at Metering Services all day then went to Lane Bryant and closed there. After work the girls came over and we made Christmas cookies! There were SO MANY! I made a batch of dough and so did Stacie...so we had tons of cookies. Jillian cut them all out. (Starting on the left and going clockwise is Stacie, Whitney, Ashlie and Jillian)

They were so good that as you can see some people couldn't keep them out of their mouths! We finished with the cookies and got it all cleaned up by around 2...then we played a game called True Colors for a while which was alot of fun. Then around 3:30 ish we decided we should call it a night since we had a busy day on Saturday and Whitney and Ashlie had to open at Lane Bryant. Stacie stayed the night (she lives far away) and me and her started a movie...but as you can imagine that didn't last long.
I woke up around 9 a.m. and make two loaves of Braided Onion Bread for our work Christmas Party on Sunday. After we finished the bread me and Stacie went and got lunch for Ashlie and Whitney at work. Stacie went home and gave someone a haircut while I went to Target and got 3 presents for me, Ashlie and Whitney to take to the party on Sunday. Shortly after that we took of to Tucson to go to the Death Cab for Cutie concert. It was good. The two opening bands were awful...but Deat Cab was good! We ate at IHOP and then got home around 1 a.m.
Sunday morning me and Whitney had to work at Lane Bryant all day (and it was hell...I hate Christmas shoppers...most of them at least). We closed at 6 but it was so busy we didn't get out of there till 7. The work party was at 8 and we had to drive about 15 minutes to get there so I had to run home quickly and make the carmelized onion butter for the bread, Whitney and Stacie brought over dinner and we scarfed it down, arranged the bread tray, and took off for the party. It was fun and I will try to post a picture later so you can see all the luscious girls I work with. We got home from the party and Whitney and Stacie helped us clean our kitchen and by helped us I mean did it without our help. Then we just hung around and talked till about midnight.
Let me just say that 7:45 came awfully fast this morning. A fun time was had by all but it was sort of nice to have the weekend behind us now.


I looked out the window and what did I see...

... a big tree full of yummy fruit just for me!
So in our backyard here in Arizona we have an orange tree! Well...I think it's not an orange, I think it's some sort of combination of an orange and another fruit...and I'm not exactly sure what...but let me tell you...THEY ARE GOOD! The other morning I was trying to find something easy to eat for breakfast on my way out the door...and I didn't have anything really...and then I remembered our orange tree in the back and how every morning I wake up and see tons of fruit all over it and I decided to try it. Yummy! I bring two to work every day now and they usually don't survive the mornings...

Another thing we have here in Arizona are these lovely speeding picture takers. They are mounted at lots of red lights and now they are all over the highways...
I always get very nervous when I drive by one....

It reminds me of this...

I don't believe I have every gotten my picutre taken...and I think you know when you do because it flashes at you. Ashlie got hers taken the othere day and so did a guy I work with. He was in a work truck so they sent his picture along with his $180 speeding ticket to the office. It's ridiculous really. Even if I did have my picture taken I don't know if I would even see the ticket because my car is still registered to my grandma's house in Utah...
Someone told me if you are 'out of state' they don't send you the ticket...
I don't know how much truth there is to that...but since my insurance is already out of control because of 2 extremely lame and unjustified speeding tickets I got over a year ago...I will try to keep my car out of state as long as possible just in case...
Even though I can hardly stand the fact that it says 'Utah' and not 'Illinois'...


I don't have a whole lot to blog about these days...but nothing is worse than a never updated blog...so here are a few tidbits...

I realized I never blogged about my Thanksgiving. It was nice. Click "here" to read all about it.

This weekend me, Ashlie, Whitney, Jillian and Stacie are going down to Tucson for a Death Cab for Cutie concert. I don't know much of their music...but they are Ashlies favorite group second only to Butch Walker (and if you know Ashlie you know that means she LOVES them!)

On Jan 24 Adele is doing a concert in L.A. and I really really really want to go to it! I have loved her ever since Jake posted a blog about her earlier this summer. The thing is the concert is on a Friday, so I would have to miss a day of work which isnt' hte end of the world but I will have just gotten back a couple weeks earlier from home. Ashlie has Wednesday and Thursday off so she wants to go down earlier and go to Jimmy Kimmel Live. I think it would be so much fun but we have to decided if we can take a couple days of work so soon after taking a whole week off to go home. Probably not.


A long time coming...

I apologize for taking so long to get this recipe up...I thought I was going to get a power cord for my computer but ended up not getting one (that's another blog) and so I'm still blogging inbetween projects at work for the moment.
So...here is the recipe for Vegetarian Vegetable Soup...and it is SO GOOD! I have always wanted to be a really good soup maker, but all the ones I've tried have ended up extremely blah tasting. No flavor. But this one is so so so good...
2 TBS e.v.o.o. (I'm poor so I used canola oil)
1 large onion
6 cloves of garlic (I probalby used more than that)
1/2 tsp rosemary
1/2 tsp thyme
1 lb. frozen mixed veggies
3 oz. tomato paste
3-4 diced red potatoes
1 TBS garlic powder
1 TBS onion powder (all I had was onion salt and that worked)
2 boullion cubes (I used vegetable boullion, but that stuff is freakin expensive...so if you don't need vegetarian friendly food...you can just use chicken boullion or beef I'm sure)
a splash of vinegar
1 TB parsley (I didn't have this and it was fine without it)
4-8 oz dried pasta (I used alphabet pasta)
2 qts. water
In a 4 qt. soup pan, heat oil, garlic, onion and spices over medium heat or until you can smell them. Add frozen veggies, potatos, boullion, tomato paste and water. Bring to a boil for several minutes. Then cover and simmer for 20 minutes.
Then add vinegar, parsley and pasta and more water if neccesary. Simmer for 15 minutes, then cover and let simmer for 20 more minutes.
I did not add more water....I just used the 2 qts....and I also probalby added alot more pasta then it required because I've had my alphabet past for a long time and I was so excited to finally use it. Therefore...my 'soup' wasn't very 'soupy'. There wasn't a whole lot of broth...which I was compltely fine with. So, if you wanted broth with your soup...add more water when it says to...or just don't go overboard with the noodles.
I cooked up some breadbowls and served the soup in those...and it was scrumdidleleeumcious.