This is not a political blog...I am not a political person...and I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to any of this.  I am basically updating my blog for my mothers sake...and this is the only 'thing' I've done recently outside of the grocery store and my office.

So I voted today.  I've been trying to stay better updated on all the political stuff that's going on...but I'm REALLY bad at it.  My problem is I JUST DONT' GET IT!!  I listen to debates and 99% of what they are talking about goes right over my head.  But I believe that exercising my right to vote is important...even if I'm not sure it makes a difference at all.

I've tried to seriously consider who I wanted the republican party to have as their candidate, so I could cast a 'knowledgable' vote this morning.  I knew I didn't want Newt Gingrich...because there is something about his face that seems sneaky and it drives me crazy to look at him.  I didn't know anything about Rick Santorum, I had never heard his name until just a few weeks ago when all of the sudden he was putting up a fight in Iowa.  Ron Paul was someone I remember my sister mentioning a few years ago...we knew someone who had a 'RON PAUL' bumper sticker and I asked her who he was and she said he was a crazy guy who ran for office that thought America was to blame for Sept 11th.  So naturally I didn't like him anymore...( because my political knowledge usually stops at what my sister tells me, But she doesn't hardly talk to me anymore so I've had to go to other sources this year!  :)  ) I knew Mitt Romney only because we share a religion and I knew he ran 4 years ago.

So as you can see my depth of knowledge about these candidates is extremely shallow.  I have always thought I was sort of on 'middle ground' as to being a Republican or democrat.  I took some online quizzes that are supposed to help you figure out what you are...and I was always floating around the middle...slightly favoring the republican side.  So, while talking to Daron and listening to things...I've picked up that Romney is sort of like that too...leans a little towards the left while still remaining mostly Republican.  So...I thought he would be my candidate.  I wanted to be sure that I wasn't voting for him purely because of the fact that he is LDS and so am I.  I've known lots of LDS people that I wouldn't even want my kids to be in the same room with, let alone run the nation.  So sharing a religion held no merit for me.  He does appear as thought he is a stand up guy...and I do like some of the things he's did when he was Governor. But...out of no where...I sort of find myself really liking Ron Paul...and he's WAY right winged!!!  It may be due to the fact that he could be identical twins with a guy a work with...and he seems like a cute grandpa!  But really... a lot of what he says makes sense to me!  So...maybe I'm not as middle ground as I thought I was!

But...anyway...I still don't know anything when it comes to all this...but I was excited to vote this morning.  Sort of makes me feel like I have a right to complain about things if they aren't doing what I think they should be doing...


So my best friend Sarah got to come visit me for a few days as an anniversary gift from her husband!!  Needless to say...I didn't take very many pictures to document her trip...because they would of mostly been of us sitting around and talking.  We did PLENTY  of that.  Daron kept saying "well...I wanted to do (fill in the blank) but you guys wouldn't shut up long enough for me to say it...so never mind".  One thing we did plenty of was eat out.  Sarah said there were a couple places she really wanted to go...so we obliged!  This was us at the Melting Pot!  So yummy!  Once again I need to say to Steven "THANK YOU!" for her gift!!

We decided to go on a picnic this Sunday after church.  We have a book that describes a lot of back roads driving around Arizona...and I was looking through it and found one of the trails was not far from our house! So we packed up a picnic lunch and headed out after church.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  The weather was perfect and it was a place none of us had been before.  I tried to take good pictures...but it's hard to document how really pretty it was up there!

Bryan got a gun for Christmas, so we brought it with us and 'shot stuff'...

When we were pulled over taking pictures of a gorgeous view...we saw this little chipmunk on  the rock right next to us.  As soon as it knew we saw it...he ran behind the rock...but every few seconds he would poke his head up over it to see if we were still there...so cute!

What you don't know from this picture is that earlier when he was trying to 'conquer' the mountain...he slid right back down and about busted his ankle!