January is almost over...

Um...does anyone realize that we are already 1/12 of the way done with 2014!!  Yikes!!  I feel like I am still trying to plan out what I want to get done this year...and I am already so far behind!  I guess that's the way it goes.
Here are a couple of fun things that have happened this month.  For Christmas, (OH YA...I HAVEN'T EVEN POSTED CHRISTMAS PICTURES YET.  I guess I better get those up before it's February)  For Christmas, I got Daron 12 months of pre-planned, pre-paid dates!  He is so hard to buy for, and we always have such a hard time deciding what to do when it's just us, I thought I would make 12 decisions for him (and if you know you, you know how much I HATE making decisions


The pizza was SO GOOD!  It tasted like a restaurant quality pizza!  We had a blast too.  I hope he likes the next 11 dates just as much!!

I've still been working with the 9 year old scouts.  It's been pretty fun!  Here are some pictures of our most recent activity; a trip to the bird aviary! 

I was just called as the Ward Camp Director.  Um...scary!!  I don't know the young women at all, but I'm excited for the opportunity to get to know them, and to go to camp!  I have always LOVED girls camp!

Stay tuned for pictures from our Christmas Party with Daron's family and our Christmas vacation in Nauvoo!


Sarah Harward said...

Camp Director is the perfect calling for you, because you love girls camp more than anyone I know!! How fun!!

KEN said...

Oh my goodness! You will be the best camp director! You are so much fun.

KEN said...

Sorry, that last comment was Joanne, I guess I didn't pay attention that I am signed onto Ken's account. :)