On a lighter note...

Here are some cutie pictures of Franklin...who doesn't love seeing pictures of a cutie little puppy :)
Franklin loves hanging out with his...gosh what would they be...his Uncles I think.  Puggy and Barney are Darons moms dogs...and they love playing together.  But they sure get worn out!!  Now to just convince Daron that he needs a doggy friend at our house!!
He sleeps in the weirdest positions!
He does this all the time!  He can't seem to get his little tail and legs under the bed.  We don't have a bed skirt anymore, so he can't hide as well.
He constantly wants to be held.  ALL THE TIME!!
He gets to sleep in our bed sometimes...and he is a huge bed hog.
He loves to be under the covers...

 Onto other happenings... Bryan hurt his knew back in the middle of August at football practice.  And after battling insurance drama... he was finally able to get to the right doctor and get it taken care of.  He had surgery on Oct 8th and he is doing really well!!  He was able to walk on it a few hours after we got home!  Poor kid was so nervous about his surgery...but who wouldn't be right?! He was a champ!

 And last but not least...on Oct 7th, Daron and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary!  I just love this guy!!!  He makes me so happy! 

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